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Biometric Authentication Solutions In 2021

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Biometric Authentication

As we approach the end of 2021, the usefulness of biometrics extends much beyond mobile and is poised to become much more important across sectors. Most significantly, biometric payment cards are paving the way for safer, more sanitary in-store purchases, while biometric access management is making offices as well as home workspaces safer and user pleasant. Let’s take a closer look at where we’re right now and where we’re going next.

What Is Biometric Authentication?

To get access to a digital asset, biometric authentication methods employ distinctive personal features to confirm a person’s claim to identify. This is often accomplished by one-to-one comparison, with the system seeking to match, for example, a face or fingerprint to the person’s information, rather than having the system determine identification by searching among a pool of applicants. Biometric authentication could be used in place of or in addition to certain other authentication techniques, and it is commonly employed to provide passwordless verification.

What Are The Benefits of Biometric Authentication Solutions

Biometric authentication has gone a long way in the last few years — new, creative, and safe solutions are now accessible, making biometric authentication desirable to many businesses. Biometrics compare unique bodily characteristics (such as fingerprints, faces, veins, and hand movements) to ensure that the user is authorized to utilise the service. Here are five reasons why you should consider adopting this technology if you haven’t already.

1. The User Experience Is Frictionless

The most apparent advantage of biometric authentication is the extremely simple, quick, and pleasant user experience. Users do not need to memorize things they know (like a password) or something that they have since biometric authentication is dependent on who they are (like an external ID card). Regardless of whether you scan your fingertips, face, or eyes to obtain access to an app/service, the procedure is meant to be quick and simple, making identification highly user friendly.

2. Efficiency In Operations

For just about any customer support or IT organization, resetting lost passwords is a time-consuming task. Nevertheless, there is a remote possibility that you would forget or misplace your own biometrics. As a result, biometric authentication aids in the reduction of resource-intensive operational activities, resulting in considerable cost savings.

3. Increased Security

Biometric authentication is based on distinct bodily characteristics that enable extremely accurate and difficult-to-forge authentication, reducing the risk of intrusion and providing greater security. When using more traditional strong authentication, like passwords, the danger of forgetting the information, having it stolen, or being hacked is considerably higher, which may lead to major security issues and associated expenses.

4. Supports A Variety of Verticals

Advanced biometric authentication systems enable the user to be recognized very safely and accurately, enabling sectors with even the most sensitive information, such as banking or governmental use cases.

5. Availability

Biometric authentication systems are often simple to use, making them simple to adapt and respond to. Traditional identification techniques, such as passwords for individuals who are unable to read or have impaired vision, might restrict access for some users. Biometric authentication technologies allow services to cater to a broader user base while also improving availability and inclusion.

Biometric Authentication Solutions To Watch Out For In 2021

It’s an interesting opportunity for biometrics, as the need for the ease and security it provides across a wide range of – and increasing – applications becomes clear. Importantly, it has shown to be an adaptive technology in current situations, which has also aided us in adapting to recent developments in our everyday lives.

Let’s take a look at the top biometric developments for 2021.

Services for Biometric Single Sign-On

Biometric single sign-on technology enables users to access all authorised IT resources and services with a single identity. To access the program, the user must simply submit authentication data by executing the activities associated with the techniques used: placing their finger on the reader, passing through facial recognition, or uttering a key phrase generated by voice. For instance, after passing the authentication process in the operating system, the user has automatic access to numerous programs without having to input their account details over and again.

Mobile Biometric Technologies

The biometric device growing markets simply come down to a considerable drop in this type of equipment and improved simplicity of use. The proactive use of mobile phones with pre-installed sensors is connected with the growth of the mobile biometrics market sector.

Concurrently, biometric authentication will be utilized not only for opening mobile devices but also for arranging multi-factor verification and fast validation of electronic payments.

Cloud-based Biometric Solutions

The evolution of biometric identification is occurring in tandem with the evolution of cloud services. Modern technical solutions seek to integrate diverse parts into sophisticated systems that meet all of the client’s demands, not only physical security. As a result, merging cloud services as well as biometrics as part of multi-factor authentication gadgets is a move that both matches the changing times and aims to the future.


According to a Visa poll, 86 percent of users preferred to utilize biometrics instead of standard passwords to authenticate their identity. While biometric authentication is considerably more safe than depending only on passwords, it is far from impregnable. To maintain security, businesses must remain ahead of the curve.

Working with a trustworthy platform might help if you are burdened by using biometrics for your own authentication procedures. Outsourcing a part — or even all — of your identity management may provide you with peace of mind, acknowledging that you have a professional staff devoted to authentication 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So, if you’re looking for a reliable platform to support you through this endeavour, book an appointment with us at AccOps today!

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