ICT Virtual Labs

Why Do Companies Need Virtual ICT Lab Solutions?

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ICT Virtual Labs

The world is ever-changing, and to ensure they’re able to cater to their customers’ changing needs, businesses need to ensure their employees are always up-to-date. Hence, workshops and training sessions for employees have become extremely common.

That being said, many businesses still expect their employees to physically attend technical program training, similar to high school students. But, this method is costly and restricts the number of staff you can educate at once. It also fails to meet the needs of today’s learner, who is pressed for time, overloaded with knowledge, and has a short attention span.

Also, the most common alternatives like releasing a course online have flaws. You have no way of knowing if the learners are going through the course or whether they even got the program up and running properly if you expect them to update the software on their own machines and perform tasks as part of their preparation. Simulated access is an option, but people learn more by trying it themselves rather than watching someone else do it.

Virtual ICT training laboratories are becoming increasingly popular with forward-thinking technology firms.  Virtual ICT labs simulate a real-world, hands-on lab environment for the learners. A lab environment is a collection of physical or digital (or both) computers setup to enable you to test or create software.

We’ll explain in this post why your company should consider investing in  immersive virtual ICT training laboratories.

More Hands-on, Real-life Training

Nobody wants to hear a lecturer drone for hours, nor does anyone want to look at program snapshots on a traditional LMS. Not only is it tedious, but you also can not keep any of the knowledge from your pupils, meaning that you have wasted your money and time.

In fact, a study has shown that learners tend to recall an average of 4 slides of a 20-slide PowerPoint presentation, standalone, only in text. The theory is that people keep much more knowledge if they “do” stuff, rather than when they hear about it still holds true, even though the notion of the learning pyramid (“cone of experience”) is still up for discussion.

Virtual ICT training labs offer students hands-on, immersive experiences which enhance their understanding of the software that they study. Moreover, these labs also enable students to learn more about new technologies and applications, without putting the company’s IT technology at risk.

Train Clients, Associates And Staff Worldwide

It might not be feasible or be expensive to get all relevant people together in one room and carry out professional training if the organization has offices and learners all over the globe. With cloud-hosted Virtual ICT training labs, businesses can educate infinite numbers of learners, anywhere they are, and monitor their devices if needed.

You could use these cloud-based ideas and techniques to train your developers, regardless of where they are in the world, if you operate a completely remote business (like Appsembler).

Or you can teach your clients or partner on the product using a simulated training environment, whether you are a tech provider and the product is sold internationally. This can also expand into increased sales as potential buyers can check out the product to see if it suits their businesses in a simulated demo environment.

Provide Anytime, Anywhere, Access

When virtual education laboratories are housed on the cloud or in datacentre, the pressure on the IT department can be reduced. Technically, the program is not directly installed into employees’ computers.  Instead, learners require a browser and an internet connection and can access these immersive training anywhere, anywhere. This is ideal for modern students who have little time or stamina to attend day-long classes, but who would like to practice while they are on a leave.

Moreover, to ensure that their learners can learn in an immersive atmosphere with no disruptions, organizations can use pre-configured individualized laboratories for each of them. Students can still get the preparation they need at any time.

Virtual educational experiences often save money because you can scale your instruction to include more students at once, rather than providing individual training sessions for each group of participants, who are constrained by the number of machines and individuals who can fit in a classroom.


If you’re as enthusiastic as we are about virtual ICT training labs and the possibilities they have for better meeting the training needs of your learners, you’ll likely need a little more detail. Consider conversing with our experts at AccOps to get a better understanding of virtual ICT labs and how they can benefit your company and employees.

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