Beyond Ivanti: Addressing the Widespread Vulnerabilities in VPN Systems

Beyond Ivanti: Addressing the Widespread Vulnerabilities in VPN Systems

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The recent spotlight on vulnerabilities in Ivanti VPN appliances is more than just a singular event in the cybersecurity world; it's a significant indicator of a widespread issue affecting VPN systems globally. While the vulnerabilities identified in Ivanti, particularly CVE-2023-46805 and CVE-2024-21887, have garnered attention, they represent a broader challenge inherent in many VPN solutions. This challenge poses substantial risks to businesses everywhere, not just those using Ivanti.

These vulnerabilities in VPN systems serve as a stark reminder of the risks associated with such technologies: unauthorized access, data breaches, and operational disruptions. Far from being mere technical glitches, these vulnerabilities pose serious threats to the security and integrity of organizations. They act as a wake-up call to all businesses that rely on VPNs, emphasizing the need for vigilance and proactive measures in network security.

Accops provides a comprehensive remote access solution suite to provide secure remote access to business applications. Accops HySecure is a ZTNA compliant remote access gateway solution. HySecure can provide remote access to any type of application including VOIP applications, using its layer 7, layer 4 and layer 3 based technologies. Accops’ most recommended way to access application is via app tunnels that does not expose corporate network to end point machines. Layer 7 based reverse proxy-based access is also a popular way to access web applications. By implementing a distributed architecture, it’s possible to deploy a separate policy server in an isolated network or 3rd party cloud to prevent any zero-day threats in Accops solution to compromise your overall network. The Access gateway node deployed in DMZ provides a limited attack surface minimizing any risk of zero-day attacks. Accops solution has been time tested by various cybersecurity agencies using latest VAPT tools and its source code has been reviewed and vetted by a CERT-IN certified lab.

Along with a ZTNA gateway, Accops offers VDI based remote access solution that is secure by design by isolating the corporate apps, data and datacentre from endpoint machines.

Accops is offering 3 months of free licenses to any Ivanti VPN customer for a quick switch over before they can evaluate their long-term strategy. Accops’s regional partners across India, MEA region and Japan are  fully equipped to provide all implementation and technical support services.

To summarize, switch to Accops for:

1.     Support any type of application including VOIP apps using desktop and mobile devices

2.     Switch to reverse proxy or app tunnels, rather than using layer 3 VPN

3.     In future, adopt Accops VDI  for even more secure remote access system

4.     Built-in MFA of Accops saves time and cost

5.     Contextual access with device binding and host scanning

6.     Focused support and implementation servers

7.     Free licenses for 3 months with no commitment

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