Streamlining VDI Communication: Targeted Messaging for Active Sessions

Streamlining VDI Communication: Targeted Messaging for Active Sessions

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Picture this: a critical security patch needs to be rolled out across your VDI environment immediately. Generic broadcast messages get lost, and users remain vulnerable. Or, a troubleshooting issue requires specific steps sent directly to the affected user, but they’re hard to reach. These scenarios highlight the challenges of timely and precise communication in VDI. 

What It Is 

Our new enhanced messaging feature addresses these challenges head-on. It empowers administrators to send targeted messages directly to active VDI sessions. 

Why It Matters 

This feature tackles common VDI communication pain points: 

  • Uninformed Users: Broadcast or generic messaging often fails to reach the right users or gets lost in the noise. 
  • Slow Issue Resolution: Delays in communicating troubleshooting steps or essential alerts can significantly hinder problem resolution. 


Targeted messaging offers substantial advantages: 

  • Improved communication: Provide immediate guidance and updates directly to affected users, minimizing downtime. 
  • Enhanced User Experience: Ensure only relevant users receive notifications, reducing unnecessary disruptions. 

How It Works 

  • Session Targeting: Send messages to individuals on Dedicated Virtual Machines (DVMs) and Shared Hosted Desktops (SHDs). 
  • Active Session Focus: Ensure maximum visibility by targeting users actively engaged in their sessions. 


  • Controller Version: SP2 LR1 or higher. 
  • RabbitMQ: Configure RabbitMQ with an IP address (not ‘localhost’). 

Ongoing Enhancements 

  • Improved message visibility: We’re actively working to address display challenges on Shared Hosted Desktop (SHD) pages to ensure messages are always seen by the intended recipient, even under specific conditions. 
  • Idle session messaging: Enhancements are underway to improve message delivery to users who are temporarily inactive on their SHD sessions. This ensures they are notified even if they are temporarily away from their desktops. 
  • User Interface (UI) refinements: We are optimizing the message box size and severity differentiation for a clear and user-friendly notification experience for both administrators and users alike. 


This targeted messaging capability is yet another tool for VDI administrators to reach out to users. In a world where rapid response and user experience are paramount, this feature ensures seamless communication. We’re committed to continuous innovation, ensuring our solutions solve real-world challenges for administrators as well as users.