Technical Insights: HyWorks v3.4-SP1 Update

Technical Insights: HyWorks v3.4-SP1 Update

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In the realm of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), continuous innovation and enhancement are key to maintaining robust and efficient systems. This blog provides an in-depth look at the latest feature update for HyWorks, focusing on the technical aspects and practical implications for users and administrators.

  1. Improved Deployment Options on VMware vSphere Hypervisor: The latest update introduces more options in the deployment of virtual machines (VMs) on vSphere Hypervisor.
    1. Multiple Datastores for Linked Clones: Unlike previous versions, the new approach allows administrators to select multiple datastores for both Full and Linked Clone types, enabling a more efficient distribution of VMs across various datastores.
    2. Intelligent Datastore Selection: HyWorks now intelligently selects the most suitable datastore from the ones available, optimizing resource utilization.
    3. Note on Replica Deployment: It's important to note that the feature does not extend to multiple replica creation or multiple datastore support for replica deployment. Administrators need to ensure that the selected datastore for the replica is accessible to all hosts involved in the deployment of linked clones.
  2. Refined VM Redistribution Control: More nuanced control over VM redistribution during the recompose process is now available.
    1. Override Server Defaults: Administrators can override the default VM distribution mechanism of HyWorks for tailored deployment strategies based on specific requirements.
    2. Redistribution Options:
      1. Last Known Settings with Fail-Safe: This option prioritizes the previous deployment settings of the VM, with a fail-safe approach to handle cases where the original datastore or resources are not available.
      2. Strictly Use Last Known Settings: This option adheres to the previous deployment settings without any fail-safe measures, meaning the VM will not be deployed if the last used datastore or host is unavailable.

The update also introduces a basic log download feature for super administrators, allowing log retrieval from one or all organizations, subject to specific permissions.

 (Note: This feature is supported by HyWorks Controller starting from Version v3.4.0.16453 SP1 HF5 (GA release) and above.)