Top 5 Benefits Of Using SSO In Your Enterprise

Top 5 Benefits Of Using SSO In Your Enterprise

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In today’s competitive digital landscape, managing numerous passwords can be overwhelming and pose security risks. Single Sign-On (SSO) is a modern authentication process that allows users to use a single login credential to access accounts across multiple applications. This offers users just one login across various platforms, domains, and technologies. 

This blog will delve into the benefits SSO brings to IT administrators and users. Continue reading to explore these advantages in detail. 

1. Increased Productivity

SSO can help reduce wasted time, making employees more productive. It’s easier for people to remember a single password, so they’re less likely to have issues logging into applications and won’t need to make numerous support calls. 

This also improves the user experience, as users don’t need to move between different login URLs. This might only save a few seconds per login, but this time will quickly add up. 

2. Improved Security

When first hearing about SSO, most users are apprehensive as they feel it presents a cybersecurity risk. Theoretically, if someone has a password stolen, all their accounts will likely be compromised. 

SSO can make things a lot more secure. With just one password to remember, users can create more robust and complex credentials without needing to write them down and maintain an archive of login credentials across multiple applications. This significantly reduces the risk of a password being stolen. 

SSO can also be combined with multi-factor authentication (MFA). This is generally considered incredibly secure, so it should always keep things safe. 

3. Reduced Password Fatigue

As business technology continues to evolve, more users have gotten used to using it every day. As such, almost everyone knows you should use different passwords for different applications.  

With the proliferation of applications in the business environment, ‘password fatigue’ has become a common issue. Enterprises can improve user satisfaction and retention by eliminating the frustrations associated with multiple passwords. 

According to a recent study, 58% of online users abandon shopping carts due to sign-in issues. If you make it easier for users to remember their passwords, you won’t have this issue as much. Elevate your authentication strategy with Accops Single Sign-On solutions. 

4. Streamlined User Experience

One thing that people have come to expect from modern technology is convenience. SSO provides a seamless and streamlined user experience by eliminating the need for repetitive logins across various platforms. This fosters customer loyalty, drives user engagement, and enhances conversion rates. 

5. Prevents Shadow IT

Shadow IT has become a potential risk in recent years with the introduction of cloud technology. Using SSO, IT admins can monitor networks to restrict what users can access. This proactive approach will help prevent unauthorized downloads, ensure better compliance, enhance network security, and reduce the chances of unauthorized data breaches.

Unlock the Potential of SSO with Accops Solution

As technology continues to evolve, using the latest advancements is beneficial. SSO offers a range of benefits that can help any business network. Accops, a leading provider of digital workspace solutions, provides a range of products such as SSO, zero-trust network access, and virtual desktop solutions. With Accops, modern enterprises can harness the power of agility, flexibility, and affordability to empower their workforce and achieve digital transformation. Forget passwords to improve security. #biometrics #MFA #SSO