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Turn old PCs into secure, high-performance endpoint devices

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PCs for dispersed workforce: more expensive, more complex

Traditional desktop-based endpoints are costlier to deploy and replenish, difficult to secure and manage. Typically, PCs have a lifecycle of 3-4 years after which their value is lost significantly and need to be updated by brand new ones resulting in increased costs. Such short lifecycles of PCs also mean more and more e-waste is generated. E-waste handling is a very complex and costly process in most parts of the world.

IT teams spend a considerable amount of their budget and time installing and upgrading applications and fixing problems at individual endpoints. In a mass-scale work-from-home scenario like now, distributing desktops or laptops and to the entire workforce creates financial burden, while providing IT support to the remote workforce might not be possible at all times. This is especially true for small and medium enterprises. BYOD might be a good alternative but simply replacing corporate owned devices with BYOD is a difficult proposition. Allowing BYOD users to remotely access internal applications poses serious security and compliance challenges.

Endpoint-related challenges

  • Regularly replenishing/upgrading PC software and hardware
  • Providing laptops to new hires, vendors and third-party consultants
  • Resolving remote endpoint issues which need IT team’s physical intervention
  • Allocating and distributing high configuration or low configuration devices as per user profile
  • Managing the complex process of e-waste handling and disposal
  • Monitoring user activities as effectively as when they were working from office premises
  • Ensuring strict data security and data leakage prevention features

AccOps Nano – Transform any PC into a secure device using a pen drive

AccOps Nano provides secure and compliance-friendly remote access to business applications and virtual desktop infrastructure, enabling instant, cost-effective and secure remote work solution.

AccOps Nano is a customized and hardened Linux-based Live OS that is delivered in a simple USB drive. It can be used on any device – corporate laptops or users’ personal laptops – to boot it into a secure read-only OS. The live OS will always remain free from any keylogger or malware potentially residing in the user’s device.

It potentially transforms any PC, no matter how old, outdated, poorly configured or insecure it is, into a highly secure, updated machine.

Key benefits offered by Accops Nano

  • Cost-efficient alternative to corporate laptops: Instead of provisioning laptops to all end users, organizations may simply provide them with a consumer grade USB drive with a hardened OS
  • No need to replace all old PCs: No need to replace or upgrade thousands of physical machines. All one needs is a functional monitor, a keyboard and a mouse to access internal applications, virtual applications and desktops through the AccOps solution. The required hardware and software changes/upgrades are done at the corporate data centre
  • Quick onboarding of new users: Onboarding of new employees, vendors or consultants becomes a lot easier and more cost effective as they only need a pen drive with the hardened OS to get onboard
  • Enable BYOD: With AccOps Nano, users can use their own laptops and securely work from anywhere
  • Simpler e-waste management: With only pen drives being distributed to end users and not laptops, e-waste generation is significantly reduced and e-waste management becomes a lot simpler
  • Enhanced network security: AccOps solution creates a secure container on the user device and enables access to private applications delivered over AccOps Zero Trust Access Gateway. Any keylogger or malware potentially residing in user’s device remain isolated from the OS installed on the PC.
  • Complete data protection: Users cannot send out any data from AccOps Nano as Internet and local storage are blocked, and they cannot write any data into the OS as all the user data gets wiped out on reboot.

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