Get New Recruits on Board Virtually to Support Critical Business Functions

Get new recruits on board virtually to support critical business functions

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They say, “Necessity is the mother of all inventions”. This global lockdown has revolutionized the way we look at Work From Home and has created a need for virtualizing management of talent at an organization!

Technology has been instrumental in shaping the way Human Resources function. For example, as simple as telephones and video calls changed the way firms globally recruited. Broadly speaking, almost all aspects of Human Resources have harnessed technology to save time, increase efficiency and ensure effectiveness. However, one facet of Talent Acquisition which was left greatly unaltered was Onboarding! But with the current crisis virtual onboarding becomes inevitable.

Why virtualize onboarding?

Turn Around Time: With unforeseen circumstances like Covid-19, delay in employee joining or improper onboarding will significantly increase the hiring risks and the turn around time in talent effectively contributing to business.

Globally Integrated Businesses: Companies today have a global presence and multinational employee workforce is no longer rare. With Organizations surpassing the geographic boundaries virtual onboarding becomes need of the hour!

Business Continuity Plan: Every Talent Gap left void significantly deteriorates the potential of a business. Thus, a strong BCP must embrace effective onboarding irrespective of unforeseen circumstances like global recession, pandemics, natural calamity etc.

Introduction to Organization Culture: One of the most lasting experiences for every employee are the days of Onboarding, where he/she can experience the culture firsthand. Thus, any delay in onboarding or a poor onboarding experience can significantly hamper the enthusiasm of a new joinee.

Employee Engagement: Successful employee engagement takes into account employees’ journey, which begins with the first call/email that a prospective candidate receives followed by onboarding. Joining date for an employee is an important milestone in terms of employee engagement, therefore, any delay in joining can be detrimental in the employee engagement levels in the long run. It could also lead to a prospective new joiner to consider alternate employers who are able to offer immediate joining.

Therefore, considering the above points, to accept the challenge of virtualization in onboarding, Organizations need to have an adaptable and agile mindset, which is essential for a sustainable success of an Organization today.