Work From Anywhere - Secure From Everywhere

Work From Anywhere - Secure From Everywhere

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The work from anywhere model has revolutionized business enterprises globally. 

Businesses are increasingly focusing on business continuity, acquiring remote talent, and working in hybrid environments, making it vital for all applications to be accessible across devices, locations, and networks securely, quickly, and reliably.  

A lot has changed ever since the Covid-19 pandemic rendered a sudden jolt to businesses worldwide. Unlike past years, work conditions have become more flexible and enterprise IT teams are considering new methods to ensure secure remote access to employees working remotely or in a hybrid setup. 

“Work” is no longer associated with a certain office cubicle. Gartner research states that 70% of CIOs drive business initiatives to primarily focus on work from anywhere. Considering the widely distributed workforce, there is a growing need for secure remote access to corporate applications that cannot be met through conventional access methods. 

With the right solution in place, IT teams can now: 

  • Ensure users with secure remote access to all internal & external applications from anywhere. 
  • Enable secure universal access from all authorized devices. 
  • Enforce business policies to prevent data loss and compromise. 
  • Optimize the performance of the corporate network, applications, and devices to boost productivity.
  • Enable quick detection and resolution of IT support tickets to keep users relaxed and more productive. 

More than 70% of IT leaders believe that zero trust is crucial for a secure work from anywhere setup. 

According to a Gartner survey, it is predicted that by 2024, zero trust network access (ZTNA) will serve as the primary method for at least 40% of remote access usage. 

The zero-trust principle is based on the premise that no entity (user or app) should be innately trusted. Rather, there should be a secure access gateway to connect users to corporate apps over the internet and authenticate users’ access to critical apps strictly adhering to business policies.  Here’s why you should invest in work from home phenomenon.

Zero trust supports a modern digital workplace for users by delivering: 

  1. Secure access to any app from anywhere: With a zero-trust solution, users can now have reliable and quick access to all business apps, from any device or network. By implementing it, IT teams can bid farewell to VPNs forever as it guarantees data protection from cyber threats too. 
  2. Better user experience: Zero trust improves user productivity as it offers insights to IT teams and helps them identify key performance issues and resolve tickets at a faster pace.

Top 4 Use Cases To Enable Work From Anywhere For Users

  • VPN-free secure remote access. 
  • Quick & easy access to SaaS and legacy applications. 
  • Zero trust access for hybrid and BYOD users.
  • Highly modular fit catering to businesses of all sizes. 


Accops Work From Anywhere Solutions

Digital Workspace: One integrated solution suite to take care of remote access, VDI, MFA, DLP, identity federation, SSO and thin client needs. 

HySecure: Zero trust-based application access gateway to enable enterprise mobility that identifies malicious login attempts on real-time based on geolocation details. 

HyWorks: Application and desktop virtualization to enable centralized endpoint device management from anywhere and supports Linux-based virtual applications and desktops. 

HyID: A futuristic identity and access management solution to enable contextual access and permit device entry control. 

HyLabs: Manages and monitors virtualized ICT labs and promotes better digital learning experience for end-users. 

HyDesk: A cost-effective endpoint device with centralized, web-based computing which consumes less energy thereby reducing carbon footprint. 

Nano: A secure Linux-based live OS in a simple USB drive that empowers BYOD users to work remotely. 

HyLite: Guarantees seamless access to business applications and desktops through a compatible web browser.   

Accops Managed Desktops (DaaS): A cloud-based offering that offers simplified yet feature-rich remote work infrastructure for end-users. 

Virtual Browser: Isolates the active internet usage from an organization’s core infrastructure to protect an end-user against browser-specific malware attacks.


To summarize, embracing work from anywhere solutions is a transformative step towards a future-ready workspace where work knows no boundaries and success knows no limits. Such solutions not only enable organizations to break free from traditional boundaries but embrace a more flexible and dynamic approach to work that guarantees seamless collaboration, enhances productivity, and promotes a healthier work-life balance.